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How can I use my 360 virtual tour?

Copy the link

It’s really easy! Once your virtual tour is created, we provide you with a link like this one:

You can then add this link to any post, website, email, document or social media channel. For example, if you’re selling or leasing your house or apartment you can add this link to,, or any other website.

So, you don’t need any technical knowledge at all to start using and sharing your tour. We host your virtual tour on our website ( for the first year, free of charge. After that, you pay a small fee per year if you want your tour to remain available.

Embed into your website

If you want to embed your tour on your site, it’s just a matter of adding some lines of code to the website.

Host tour on your server

You may also decide to host your tour’s files on your server – that’s not a problem! We can provide you with all the files you need.

Can I post the virtual tours on Facebook?

Of course! If you would like to post individual tours on your Facebook channel, just let us know and we will generate special panoramic images for you to post.

Can my tour be updated in the future?

Yes. For example, if you have installed new appliances in your residential property or upgraded your business facilities, we can arrange to update your existing tour with new imagery or add more areas. Contact us for a custom quote.

How long will it take to create my tour?

Usually we can create your virtual tour within 3 working days of the photo shoot, but we allow up to 7 working days for completion. Should you need your tour created urgently, in 1 or 2 days, you can consider our priority options.

How long does the photo shoot take?

Depending on your chosen plan (and number of spots to be included in the tour) it can take anywhere between 20 minutes and several hours. Please refer to this chart for approximate duration:
• TWO – 20-30 minutes
• BASIC – 1 hour
• REGULAR – 1.5 hours
• PREMIUM – 2 hours
• MAX – 3 hours

What can I do to help make my tour look great?

To get the best results from your virtual tour, we advise that you arrange for the premises to be cleaned and tidied before the photo shoot. We also recommend opening window blinds and curtains to allow as much natural light into the rooms as possible.

If you are leasing or selling the property, look at it from the buyer’s perspective… What would you like to see? Put unwanted items away in wardrobes, clean the carpets and floors, and arrange furniture in a pleasing way.

You can even enhance the atmosphere by adding some decorative touches, such as flowers in a vase, a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates, if appropriate. This attention to detail can help potential buyers/renters to imagine themselves enjoying the comfort of your property.

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