Hosting 360° Tours on Your Server

How to host your 360° Tour on your server?

While we are offering free hosting of your 360° virtual tour for a period of 2 years (and you can extend it for a small fee if you want) on our dedicated website, you can always decide that you want to host tour files on your server.


What is the difference between hosting files on our server versus yours?

1. You tour will open from your website and the URL in the browser would look something like:

www.yourbusiness/virtual-tour/ rather than

2. You are in full control of your server and files.  


There is no need to choose either of the options – you can have both, have your tour hosted on and also available from your website.

Don’t get confused by a physical location of the tour, in both cases you need to add a link to your tour (www.yourbusiness/virtual-tour/ or to your website pages, social media channels, etc. It’s recommended to let the tour open in a new window. 


Easy steps to upload tours to your server 


Create a folder

Open File manager or your FTP Client for your website and create a subfolder where virtual tour would be located (virtual-tour for example). It doesn’t matter if the folder is in the root folder or one of the subfolders, tour will work perfectly from any location.


Upload files

Upload all files that we provide you with to this subfolder using your favourite ftp client.
That is All! 


Ready to go

Tour would open from the subfolder location, so if you created a subfolder ‘virtual-tour’ in the root of your website, then link would be ‘your-website/virtual-tour’.
As you see, there no database to be installed or configured, no complex server installation, so getting you tour up and running from your website is very easy! 


What do I need to do to get the 360° tour?

Brisbane Digital Studio will help you with passing the right impression to your future customers by getting beautiful professional 360° tour created and uploaded for you. 

Schedule a photo session with us and make sure your business is "photo ready"! We will take care of the rest.


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Standalone 360° Tours

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Google Street View

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360° Tours for Facebook

360° Tours for Facebook

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^Source: (July 2019). Also: The power of media-rich map listings by Google

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