Virtual tours for real estate
1 Mar

Virtual tours for real estate

Selling your property is not always an easy task. Usually you are competing with a number of other similar properties in the same area. It’s a challenging task for buyers too as they have to shortlist several properties  based on a short description and a number of photos which do not give the full picture. It takes time to arrange a meeting with the agent, see the property and some properties inevitably are getting missed out.

360 Degree Virtual Tour is a amazing way to help the buyer at the very right moment he or she is browsing options on the real estate website and makes a decision to view your property. As it doesn’t take any time and efforts you can be sure that your property will certainly get more attention than other conventional listings giving you much higher chances of  getting noticed.Let the buyer see all what your house has to offer. Let them imagine themselves living there and enjoying their life.

By ordering a 360 degree virtual tour for your house or apartment you provide opportunity to your potential buyers to inspect it any time of the day, for example, when they get home from work.

You also reach people who live interstate or abroad and looking for a property in your area. What a great service you do to them by saving time and money on travelling so they can in fact come for an inspection with a determination to buy rather then simply shortlist it.

You are likely to sell your property faster and for more as you are reaching out to wider audience.

Ordering a tour from Brisbane Digital Studio is easy. Simply book an appointment, we will take all required photos, create a 360 virtual tour for your property and provide you with a link which you can add to your listing on, or any other property website.

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